How to Make Money Online for Beginners

This guide is your resource to help you start earning money today! We will show you many ways to earn your first dollars online. The only thing you need is the motivation to follow through. In this how to make money online for beginners guide we are going to focus on simple money makers, all you need for these is a phone.

In general there are a few basic ways to earn money online with your phone. These will require something from you and in return you will earn money. What I mean is that you will need to give your time, your information, invite friends or something else in order to make money. In this guide we are going to focus on money makers that are simple and don’t require much from you.

How to Make Money Online for Beginners

There are three types of money makers that this how to make money online for beginners guide will review. These are GPT Sites, lockscreens, and cashback apps. None of these will make you rich, but they will add up over time, and we have some techniques listed below that can really increase your earnings.

How to Make Money with GPT Sites:

GPT stands for Get-Paid-To, so with these sites you will do something and in return you will get paid. Pretty simple. There are lots of different types of GPT sites and tasks that you will need to complete. The tasks include things like watching videos, downloading games, and completing surveys. The best GPT sites offer many of these different ways. We’ll recommend two in this how to make money online for beginners guide to get you started, but we have review of dozens more if you are interested.

First up we have Pocket Flip, which has a large offer wall that you can complete to earn coins. If you want to sign up use our Pocket Flip Codes: efhzax367 which will get you 100 free points, and you will be well on your way to your first giftcard. You can also read our full Pocket Flip review here.

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As long as you live in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, or Canada then you can use our Pocket Flip codes to get started earning iTunes gift cards. Once you have saved up enough Pocket Flip points you can cash them in for Gift Cards, the choice include Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards,  or use the points to get free iTunes gift card. Depending on which country you are from you will have a different selection of free gift cards to choose from.

Next up we have Swagbucks which is perhaps the most popular of all the GPT sites, it also has one of the largest offerings for you to do.

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Swagbucks is one of the original GPT (get-paid-to) sites, and we have managed to earn free gift cards over the years. Since swagbucks is so large they have more offers making it even easier to earn points.

Once you download Swagbucks (either on your phone or you can use the desktop version which doesn’t require a download). Enter the Swagbucks code dopanic and you will get Free SB Points to get you started. You can read more about Swagbucks on the page we wrote about it.

How to Make Money with Lockscreens:

Lockscreens are exactly what they sound like, its the screen on your phone before you unlock it. You know, it probably has the date and maybe the weather on it. We all use them, its essentially a screen saver for your phone.

Now what you might not know is that you can make money with your lockscreen. There are apps that you can download that will put ads on your lockscreen and collect some data and in return these will pay you money.

There are dozens of these types of apps. But since you can only have one running on your phone, we’re only going to recommend our favorite. We like Slidejoy, it’s simple, payouts are consistent, and cashout minimums are low.

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To get started with Slidejoy, or any other lockscreen app, you just need to download the app, and of course use a referral code to get some free starting coins. After that, simply leave the lockscreen running and you will earn more coins over time. It’s really that simple.

Depending on what country you are from you will make more or less than the average. For example, the U.S. pays more than India does. Most people earn several dollars per month. And if you want to increase this even further you can use multiple devices.

How to Make Money with Cashback Apps:

Cashback apps are pretty much what they sound like, they are apps or websites that give you cash back when you make a purchase. Basically you get paid to do something you were going to do anyway. Think of all the online purchases you or your family members make. Now think about getting 5% to 10% back from each of these. That adds up pretty quickly.

The best part of the good quality cashback apps is that they offer stores that you already use. For example, a common one is Amazon and you get 5% cashback just from shopping there. The best apps have hundreds, even thousands of stores signed up, so you don’t go out of your way to make money.

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These days there are plenty of ways to earn a few extra dollars without going out of your way at all. Perhaps one of the best examples of this is making money from something you were going to do either way. And that’s where Rakuten comes in. Rakuten is a site that gives you cashback from all your purchases, and right now you can earn an extra $10 just by using our Rakuten referral code.

Rakuten is the most popular cashback site. They give you cash every time you spend money at a store. You will get a few percent and sometimes more than 10% cash back when you shop. Rakuten  purchased EBates many years ago and rebranded to Rakuten in 2019. Ebates has been around for decades (since 1999) and has paid out $1B (yes that is a B for billion) in cash back rewards, it has more than 10 million users.

Get $10 free using our Rakuten Referral Code. That’s right, $10 absolutely free. Well there is a catch (isn’t there always). First you will need to signup using our Rakuten referral code link. Once you have that completed all you need to do is spend your first $25 and you will get the $10 free, which is in addition to the cashback earned on the $25.

Rocket Your Earnings with a Phone Farm

A Phone Farm

Phone farming can rocket your passive income potential by exploiting the cash apps that we discussed above. Basically your phone farm will use multiple phones doing the same thing at the same time. For example, you might be using an app that pays you to watch videos, well get 10 or 20 phones and you will make 10 or 20 the money.

A phone farm is simply running multiple devices, imagine if you have an app that makes you $5 per month. There isn’t really a way to turn that $5 into $10 with just a single phone. But what you can do is add more devices, and start a phone farm. It’s pretty simple, you get a few low-end devices, since they just need WiFi access, it doesn’t cost you anything monthly.

You can buy cheap devices from ebay or local classifieds. Also, just ask around and your friends or family may have an old one lying around after they upgraded last.

Next you download all the apps that you are using on one phone on all the other ones and you multiple your earnings. Note that most of these sites do allow multiple devices (typically 3-5), but you should check the terms of service to be sure you are operating within their rules.

In the second part of our how to make money online for beginners guide we are going to discuss some more complicated money makers that have bigger payouts. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when that comes out.