Get Paid to Play Games

When it comes to making money, we live in a golden age! The internet has unleashed many new ways to get paid to play games. To begin this list of money making games we’re going to start with nft games (which stands for non-fungible trading games). These are games that are supported by the blockchain and you can use them to swap items that you earn in the game for cryptocurrency.

It’s also worth noting that you won’t need to pay anything at all to get started playing these money making games. Some people may look to invest a few dollars to speed up progress within the game but this is completely unnecessary. You can get paid to play games with absolutely no investment.

So, what are the best nft games that you can get started on right now? Here’s our top nft money making games.

#1 Knight Story – This game has you controlling three knights which you use to smash wave upon wave of enemies. The enemies drop loot which you can craft into items to strengthen your knights. Or you can sell these crafted items directly for crypto to make money.

The game involves a lot of grinding, so it is something you will want to get started and then just log in a few times a day to collect your loot. You should be able to make at least $5 per week if you play consistently, and some players have already sold $100’s worth of equipment. You can sell your loot over at OpenSea or see what others have for sale and what your next craft could be worth. We would rate the gameplay a 2/5 but the ability to make money in this game is closer to a 4/5.

#2 Gods Unchained. This is another game based on the Etherium blockchain. It’s a collectible card game (CCG) with trading enabled through OpenSea. The game is actually pretty good, similar to Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering. The devs are really active and are adding features all the time. I’ve actually sold a bunch of cards already as well. In order to get started on this one you will have to invest in some cards, but you can trade and flip cards to make a profit with very little investment.