How To Get Free Google Play Money

Free Google Play Money

Let’s face it, we all use Google Play to download apps, play games, and get access to new and fresh content. Unfortunately some of that fresh content costs money, and sometimes we don’t have a credit card or we simply don’t want to spend our hard earned dollars. Let’s face it, Google already gets enough of our money. But you have a choice, there are ways to get free Google Play Money, and i’m going to show you how.

How to Get Free Google Play Money

Google has released an app called Google Opinion Rewards which periodically sends you surveys, when you fill these out they credit your account with some level of free Google Play credits. The more surveys you fill out the more free credits you get, it’s that simple. But the problem people have is that it can be challenging to get new surveys, and often they find that they actually don’t have any surveys available to complete. This video will help you increase the number of surveys that you get, and in turn be able to get more free Google Play money.