This is How to Make Money With Crypto Kitties Right Meow

So you want to know how to make money with Crypto Kitties? Then let’s get into it.

Crypto Kitties launched at the beginning of December 2017, and within its first week it already minted several brand new hundred-thousand-aires, some of which are likely to go on minting Etherium by breeding digital cats. It seems likely some users will become millionaires, given the breakout early success the game has had so far. That said, it also seems likely some people are going to lose out, I mean the money has to come from somewhere, and I can’t shake the feeling that a few years from now people aren’t going to be so in love with their cat like icons. But that time is a long way from now, and that leaves us a big run-way to make some Crypto Kitty cash. Leaving the big question: how to make money with Crypto Kitties? And we’re going to dig into that now.

For the moment let’s just leave the question about if the hype is likely to fall off as quickly as it started. Let’s just assume this is going to last for months, or at least weeks, and definitely more than days. Given the current media circus, and the issues its created on the Etherium network, backing transactions up etc… it’s reasonable to think there will be many people checking this game out for a long time to come. Such that there is still time to get in and make some Crypto Kitties money.

Learn how to make money with crptokitties

How to Pick the Right Kitty to Make Money from Crypto Kitties

There are a few factors that you need to consider when making your kitty selections. Generation matters, the earlier the better, right now Gen 0-4 are commanding the highest prices, but as time goes on Gen 5, 6, etc… will become more rare and valuable.

The next factor you need to think about are the traits of the Crypto Kitty, right now, people like the attributes fast, swift, brisk, and snappy. These can change over time and will typically depend on how much supply there is. You will need to keep a close eye on which traits are desirable right now, and which might be in the future in order to make money flipping Crypto Kitties. A couple of websites that can help you with this are:

What is My Crypto Kitty Worth?

This is a question that a lot of people want to know, it clearly depends on how much demand there is for your Crypto Kitties. The best way to determine what yours is worth is to take a look at the marketplace and find similar Kitties. You the search functions and type in the Gen 4 and the trait, let’s say Brisk, and you can see all the Crypto Kitties prices for cats with those two factors. This will give you a rough but fairly accurate idea of how to answer the question; what is my Crypto Kitty worth?

How to Make Money with Crypto Kitties


What are rare Crypto Kitties?

Right now some of the rarest Crypto Kitties are fancy cats, there currently are only about a thousand, although more are likely to come as days tick by. There are Sailor Fancy Cats, Dracula Fancy Cats, and Bird Fancy Cats all demanding high prices.

I just want to go back to that question we left aside earlier on, really briefly. I think the hype spike after the launch of Pokemon Go is a reasonable path for Crypto Kitties. Many big media outlets all picked up on the same story at the same time, and the newness of it helped to drive the hype to extreme levels. This is clearly unsustainable and so it falls off quite quickly from these levels.

But that’s not to say that the game is done by any means, maybe there are fewer casuals in the game, but there are still a lot of people playing Pokemon Go, and the people that are left are a lot more serious about it. And a lot more likely to spend money on it. I think Crypto Kitties will also be able to maintain a base of players, and so it should continue to exist in some form.

That said, with the way the Crypto Kitties generate, with earlier cats worth more, its somewhat of a pyramid style system, such that as long as that tail exists, people who got in early will still be able to make money with Crypto Kitties.