There is no doubt that its getting easier to earn a few dollars every day. In fact, ibotta has been around for a few years already and has paid out over half a billion dollars. Don’t you want to get some of that money? So what is ibotta all about? Well it’s about cashback rewards from shopping. Which is something you were going to do either way. ibotta is a cashback app that gives you money from all your purchases, and right now you can earn an extra $10 just by using our ibotta referral code.

What is ibotta?

Quite simply its a cashback site, where they give you cash every time you spend money on a store. You will get a few percent and sometimes more than 10% cash back when you shop. This is particularly attractive when you were going to make the purchase anyway, such as getting 5% cashback from Amazon. Let’s face it, you already buy from Amazon, so why not get money back along the way, it’s basically free!

ibotta is the second largest cashback reward site behind Rakuten which is the most popular. Rakuten purchased ebates and has paid out more than $1 billion dollars to its 10 million plus members. Check out our Rakuten review here, we recommend using both Rakuten and ibotta.

Get $10 free using our ibotta Referral Code

That’s right, $10 absolutely free. Well there is a catch (isn’t there always). First you will need to signup using our ibotta referral code link. Once you have that completed all you need to do is spend your first $25 and you will get the $10 free, which is in addition to the cashback earned on the $25.

What sites does ibotta have cashback for?

This is a common question and the answer is basically most of them. There are too many to go into detail, but there are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of supported sites that you can earn cashback from. Beyond just earning cashback ibotta also seeks out promo codes that you can use to earn additional discounts. This effectively lets you earn twice.

You could be earning cashback from all the stores you are already going to.

Interested in making more money with your phone? recommends PocketFlip and Cash Pirate, which we have cashed out multiple times from. While slidejoy is a pretty solid money making app, if you want to make more than $20 per week with these you are going to need to install multiple ones. That’s the only way to make a lot of money with your phone. There are also some higher value money making apps that we will discuss in future posts.