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Ysense referral codes 2020Ysense is the re-branded version of Clixsense, which was transitioned in mid-2019. For now, Ysense primarily offers surveys, but they are increasing the amount of other tasks as well. The approach for the other tasks is similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, which I suspect many of you are familiar with.

In terms of surveys, what really matters here are two features. First, survey selection, there need to be enough to make it worth your time doing. My experience and that of several others I have spoken with, is that YSense offers more surveys than most other sites. The other factor of course is how much you actually get paid per survey, and the figures are pretty solid. In fact, the image below is my current survey offering, and you can see that there are lots for me to do, and the payout amounts are pretty reasonable. Of course the available surveys for you will depend on your own answers to their questionnaire, so you may have more or less than what I see.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Ysense now and get some free money to get you started. Just head over to YSense and enter the referral code 68816512 and you will get free coins. The Prize Rebel code is simply the easiest way to get started using this money earning app.

Ysense offer wall gives you more ways to get paid

As I also mentioned Ysense also has an offer wall that you can use to make even more money. They have offers from about a dozen providers, with many of them being very high paying. The nice thing about Ysense is that they list all the payouts in $ rather than using an alternate currency like coins or tokens that needs to be converted later. It makes it a lot easier to know exactly what you will be getting for your time. You can see some of the offers below, for me the one I am going to do is sign up for the Neverwinter game, play a few levels, and earn myself a sweet sweet $5.50

Is Ysense a Scam?

We have cashed out and spoken with more than a dozen people who have cashed out successfully from Ysense. So we would say this one is not a scam. If we hear otherwise we will be sure to update this section. If you have success cashing out, please let us know, as that helps everyone.

YSense Cashout Options

Ysense has a huge number of cashout options, as you might expect from a site like this. In particular, they offer Amazon starting at $3.00 and that goes up to $100 amazon gift cards, you can also get iTunes giftcards starting at $4.50. And if you just want straight up cash, you can opt for the free Skrill giftcads or paypal gift cards, both of which are nice alternatives.

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